by Oliver George

I am so excited and proud to release my debut E.P.
'Sunrise' was written on a road trip through Europe. I hope these songs inspire you to travel and see the world.

Play it loud!



"Young british melodic singer-songwriter channeling the campfire vistas of outback America"

Oliver George is a 27 year old musician from Hertfordshire. He was born and raised on the music of Jackson Browne, James Taylor, and Joni Mitchell. He then went on to discover blues music and artists such as Peter Green and Eric Clapton. His acoustic sound with soaring electric guitars is a mix of folk, americana, and California rock. 

After releasing his independent debut E.P 'Sunrise', inspired by a trip through Europe, where he camped in the mountains. He now looks forward to touring across the UK and further afield. 

"I've always had this obsession with exploring new places and seeking adventures. I was hiking up a mountain trail, the sun was shining and the sky was clear blue. I was so content. Those moments of clarity can become few and far between in day to day life. The idea for the e.p came from all of these experiences. New places, new people, and our stories. I was seeing the world through strangers eyes."

Oliver George is building a loyal fan base through his intimate live performances. 2019 has a lot of exciting musical ventures for this young artist.


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